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Download our guide to read a summary of the latest Act! v19 features and recent improvements:

Act! Upgrade Guide
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New Act! v19

Microsoft Office 64-bit Compatibility
Act! v19 is compatible with 64-bit editions of Microsoft Office 2016, 2013, and 2010.


Act! Premium Companion Mobile App

A new native mobile app designed for iPhone and Android devices enabling users to quickly find and call Act! contacts on the move, get activity alerts and quickly post history entries. 


Act! emarketing Improvements
Including reducing the time it takes to send email 
campaigns, single history entry per campaign and ensuring that large campaigns send successfully.


Act! Premium Contact Link

Streamline workflows between Act! Premium and Outlook with Act! Premium Contact Link.


30+ Refreshed Reports

Include more relevant fields, improved default filters and sort orders. Consistent Act! field references and data formatting make reports easier to customise.


Act! Premium Connect Link

Act! Premium v19, Windows users can leverage Web API-based connections without a web-server to develop new integrations.


Act! v18.2 - Service Pack

A free update for all Act! v18 users including:

The new Act! Connect Link delivering the Act! Connect integration platform to Act! Premium desktop users with no complicated setup – simply install and go!

Act! Connect is a new service using Zapier that unlocks the power of the Web API for Act! Premium desktop / on-premise users that have an Act! subscription to connect with hundreds of business apps.

New User Permission settings for the Web API for control over how the Web API and integrations are used and how the Act! Connect integrations are managed and accessible to individual users.

Act! Premium for Web Enhancements enabling Act! opportunity processes and opportunity products to be managed in a web browser and a new option to Copy / Move Contact Data from the Tools menu.

New Act! emarketing user permissions give Act! administrators added control over who can send Act! emarketing campaigns. Emarketing permissions can now be granted for individual standard and manager level users.

Act! v18.1 - Service Pack

Updated compatibility for Act! Premium for Web with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 without the need to run compatibility mode.

New favourite contacts check box can be added to custom layouts to help organisations track and communicate with their most valuable customers.

Better activity reporting with a new date stamp confirming an activity create date to see at a glance how many days have passed since an activity was created

Improved support for high resolution 4k display monitors.

Act! v18 - Major Release

Updates included:

Designed, tested and compatible for Microsoft Windows 10.

Compatible with Microsoft Office 2016.

Works with iOS 9 for Act! Premium Mobile.

New Act! Premium for Web user interface which resolves several defects to improve browser support for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Segment Act! emarketing call lists for individual sender profiles making it easier than ever to quickly follow-up with the hottest leads.

Extended Act! emarketing controls for customers on the Team plan to choose which Act! users have permissions to send email campaigns, view specific call lists and apply Smart Task automation for email marketing.

More Recent Act! Updates:

Free Browse Only Users


If you want to share Act! with team members who only need to read the database you can now set browse-only access at no additional cost!


Includes Act! Emarketing


Create and schedule campaigns, analyze results and view complete email history for each contact - all from Act!

Upgrade and receive FREE access to the Act! emarketing Basic tier to send unlimited emails to up to as many as 500 contacts every month (added functionality & increased contacts available with paid subscriptions). 

Additional emarketing enhancements for Act! v18 include advanced administration for user roles and new call list filters.

New Smart Task Triggers

Save time with automated data entry and following-up activities using improved Act! v17 smart tasks to automatically apply user access permissions for new Act! records based on regional territories. This can even route records to an assigned account manager automatically based on this criteria.

Smart tasks also work with Act! emarketing to trigger responses by tracked emarketing responses. This includes sending a welcome email campaign, scheduling activities to follow-up a hot lead or assigning Act! contacts to a new owner based on your defined rules.

Add URL's to the Documents Tab

Link to Dropbox, SharePoint, iCloud and other popular storage services directly from the Act! documents tab on each contact record. Access resources on these platforms from your Act! database by directly linking to individual files or to a customer document library.

Contact Timeline

A new visual timeline charts each contact interaction enabling users to easily follow when each history, opportunity and activity was created.

Because the monthly timeline can be filtered by entry type you can quickly see a timeline that shows all of the history entries created on a contact record last month. 

Improved Serial Key Management

New features enable administrators to disable serial numbers and version agnostic serial keys simplify future Act! database upgrades

Act! Web & Mobile Improvements

  • Import data directly from CSV files using Act! Premium for Web.
  • Upload new pictures from your mobile or tablet using Act! Premium Mobile to the Act! contact history.
  • Create and distribute Act! Premium for Web remote databases and offline clients, directly from the web interface.​

New Act! calculated fields

Apply new fields to your Act! database that automatically calculate values for Dates, Numerical Calculations on Financial Fields.

Automatically create company records 

Reduce data entry time by setting rules to automatically create Act! company records. For example, set a preference that will create a new Act! company record if 2 or more Act! contacts have the same company name.

Reschedule multiple activities 

Easily reschedule uncompleted activities in bulk. Select multiple activities in the Task List view and use the new reschedule option to complete the process in a single step.

New Act! history list

Review all Act! history entries in a new list view. Histories are sorted and filtered by date, user & type - list views can also be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Improved universal search 

Create look-ups from universal search results to find associated records. For example, if a universal search finds several instances of a keyword appearing in an attachment or email run a lookup to find all matching contacts and companies.

Scheduler email notifications 

Act! sends automated emails when scheduled database tasks are completed, or to alert administrators if backup or synchronisation processes fail to ensure immediate attention.

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