Act! Connect

Available exclusively to Act! Premium subscribers, Act! Connect puts integration with hundreds of business apps at your fingertips.


Quickly and easily set up connections beteen Act! and Outlook, Paypal, Eventbrite, QuickBooks, Gmail and more!


Enrich your Act! data and trigger actions that save time and accelerate your sales and marketing efforts.


  • Seamlessly interact with popular business apps 
  • Automated everyday tasks to nurture leads, update contacts, communicate with your team & learn more about your customers
  • It's easy - no special technical skills are needed!

Are You A Developer?

All Act! Premium subscribers can leverage pre-packaged integrations thanks to the Zapier powered Act! Connect service.


Developers can integrate CRM functionality into virtually any system or application with Act's Web API.


Web APIs are the integration glue for seamless data connections with Act! and these provide the foundation for automating workflows to hundreds of applications.


Act! Web APIs are JSON-based REST APIs, which are simple, and easy to use. These also support open standards including OData for powerful querying.


Read Act! Web API documentation

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