Act! Premium Plus for Custom Tables
Act! Premium Plus for Custom Tables
Meet the UK's favourite Act! CRM consultants!
Meet the UK's favourite Act! CRM consultants!

Act! Premium Plus

Unlock the full capabilities of Act! with a custom tables and industry templates to manage all your unique processes.


Depending on your industry and type of business you may need to manage more entities than the regular Act! Premium application is designed for.


This may include processes such as cases, agreements / contracts, property, software licenses, vehicles, hardware and applications. 

Custom Tables are exclusively available with Act! Premium Plus enabling users to create additional sections for these entities, each with their own data tables, fields and layout, using inbuilt functions that don't require specialist development skills.


The Act! Custom Tables Manager provides maximum adaptability to handle complex data sets, unique businesses processes, and specialized industry practices.
Unlike spreadsheets, you can associate individual table entries to Act! contacts, companies, groups, and opportunities for easy reference. Plus, you get the benefits of CRM to action on the data to create activities and to-do's, send follow-up emails, engage in informed sales conversations, and more.
Act! Premium Plus is available for both as an on-premise or a cloud solution.
For on-premise implementations, Act Premium Plus can be licensed as a recurring  annual subscription, or purchased with perpetual licensing.
Existing Act! Premium subscriber can purchase an upgrade to Premium Plus that will unlock Custom Tables and industry templates.

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