Meet the UK's favourite Act! CRM consultants!
Meet the UK's favourite Act! CRM consultants!

Act! Premium CRM

Compared to Act! Pro, Act! Premium provides extended tools for teams and access by web and mobile.

Act! Premium is available as an on-premise solution, or deployed as a cloud service.

Annual subscriptions provide a flexible alternative to owning your software. All subscriptions include Act! support and updates that keep you on the latest Act! version and ensure compatibility.

Or, purchase the software with 12 month's of Act! support and updates and walk away with the latest version at the end of the subscription year – or continue using it at a low, monthly or annual price per user. You make the choice.

[PDF DOWNLOAD] 10 Reasons To Choose an Act! Premium Subscription

Compare Act! CRM Editions

  Act! Pro Act! Premium
Number of Users Supported 1-10 1-100+
Web Access X
Act! Premium Mobile X
Act! Companion Mobile App X
Advanced Security X
Act! Insight Dashboards X
Team Sharing X
Act! Connect X
Instant Online Access X with Premium Cloud

Act! Premium for Web

Manage contacts, sales and activities in real-time through a web browser.

  • Data remains on your server - or choose Act! Premium Cloud service
  • View Act! in real-time via a web browser
  • Set admin permissions to allow / disable Act! web access for individual users

With the software centrally managed and administered, all users can share the same data, layouts and reports as office workers in real time regardless of their location.

Click here to see a list of the Act! Premium features that are not available in Act! Premium for Web.

Evaluate Act! Premium for Web

To try Act! Premium for Web we recommend signing up for a trial of Act! Premium Cloud. Even if you don't intend to deploy Act! in the cloud this will enable you to evaluate the web interface before you buy.

Check the system requirements for Act! Premium for Web

Act! Mobile Access

Act! Companion Mobile App


Stay connected to key contact and customer details from wherever you are with Act! Companion, a CRM app designed for iPhone, iPad, and Android...READ MORE 


Act! Companion is included in your Act! Premium subscription at no extra charge!


Act! Premium Mobile


  • Real time access to your contacts, calendar, notes & history
  • Works with any HTML5 mobile device including iPad and iPhone
  • Installs on your server - or available as a cloud service

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