Getting Started with Act!

We work with businesses across numerous industries throughout the UK to install and configure Act! CRM, and to provide training and phone support.


Preact have been supporting Act! users since 1993 which makes us the UK's most experienced Act! business partner giving you the assurance of working with a trusted provider.

Implementing Act!

We’ll import your data and adapt the Act! database layout to ensure this is relevant to the way that you work.


Our Act! experts will configure the application on your server and install the software on your computers including setting up remote database synchronisation and web access for mobile users.

Act! Training

Our bespoke Act! training helps individuals and teams get the most from the software. Course modules include introduction tuition, sales user training, database administrators, Act! emarketing and fully customised tuition.

Our consultants will enthuse your team and train them on how to get the most from the software and quickly create positive results with Act!

Learn more about our Act! training courses

Printer Friendly Guides

New to Act! and prefer written documentation?

The Installing Act! for New Users Guide includes detailed guidance for installation and getting started.

View all Act! Documentation for New Users on

Upgrading to the latest version? Get the guide to Upgrading from ACT! Versions 2005 (7.x) and later versions.

Step by Step Feature Tours

Want to learn more about Act! features?

A library of Feature Tours are available and help you learn more about key functionality in Act!, including groups and companies, mail merge, opportunities, Microsoft Outlook integration, sharing databases, and more:

Additional Resources

Want to dig deeper? The Act! Knowledgebase and Online Community hold the key: 

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