Meet the UK's favourite Act! CRM consultants!
Meet the UK's favourite Act! CRM consultants!

Act! Technical Support

Minimise time spent resolving Act! database issues and searching for help.

Speak to our friendly technical experts for help with any Act! questions or issues including database configuration, Outlook integration, data import, upgrades, layout customisation, reports, mail merges, maintenance and much more.

With years of supporting Act! users, we have encountered most issues and a quick phone call will save you countless hours of time and lost productivity.

Call 0115 840 5075, or email to request a quote and activate your Act! support cover.

Speak to one of our consultants whenever you need help with Act! to have your questions answered, receive advice and quickly resolve issues.

Expert help from a partner with more than 20 years' experience of supporting Act! users

  • Unlimited usage phone and email help with Act!
  • Remote access help - we'll connect to your desktop to resolve issues online
  • Service Level Agreement with a 4 hour response
  • Dedicated Act! support lines
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff who will help you achieve more with Act!
  • Support from a multiple award-winning Act! Business Partner

Act! Managed Service

A major risk to any Act! implementation is poor user adoption.The application is a great enabler but without user acceptance, understanding and internal support it will struggle to deliver the expected results.

Our managed cover includes all of the resources that you’ll need to empower users and increase the payback from your Act! database. This bespoke agreement adapts to your requirements and budget - simply choose how many consultancy hours you need and allocate CRM tasks on-demand!

In addition to Break / Fix support, Act! Managed Support from Solutions adds:

Inclusive Act! Technical Consultancy - Schedule tasks for any Act! requirements that aren't covered by regular phone support. Allocate inclusive hours for new requirements on-demand, or save time by outsourcing your entire database administration to Solutions experts, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best!

Complimentary Act! Training - Increase Act! skills and improve user engagement by scheduling bespoke Act! training that empowers everyone do more with the software and maximise its benefits.¹

Our managed service is a flexible agreement to fit your requirements. Simply choose how many inclusive Act! consultancy hours you need and spread the subscription cost monthly.

¹ An allowance of Act! complimentary training is automatically included when you subscribe to Solutions for Accounting and CRM managed support with a minimum of 1 consultancy hour per 5 licensed Act! users, per month.

Activate Act! Support

Expert Act! Technical Help

Contact us to discuss your Act! requirements and find out more about our support service for expert help by phone, email and through remote dial-in assistance.

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