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A Closer Look At Act! CRM Custom Tables

Act! Custom Tables are new feature exclusively available with Act! Premium Plus that enables users to manage more processes.

Best of all, these customisations can be quickly configured without the need for custom coding or development skills.

In our previous post we demonstrated how support cases could be managed within an Act! custom table. To share more examples of this new functionality, in this latest post we've demonstrated how a further custom entity will track contracts or agreements, and link this to the Cases entity we previously created...READ MORE

How to Manage Support Cases using Act! CRM Custom Tables

Act! custom tables are a new addition to the product enabling users to manage more processes and entities.

Act! has always been great at managing contact relationships, as well as tracking activities and sales opportunities, but it has been less flexible for organisations that wanted to customise the system to manage the other processes that matter to them.

Depending on the industry and type of business this could include a need to manage property, software licenses, vehicles, hardware and applications. Two frequent requirements are for Act! to manage support tickets and support agreements.

In previous Act! versions this level of customisation wasn't possible which forced users to attempt a compromise solution using default functions which weren't designed to handle these processes, or look at another system. With the arrival of custom tables for Act! Premium Plus, it is a different story...READ MORE

What's New in Act! v20.1


Swiftpage has released a v20.1 update for Act! which features several impressive improvements.

These include the next generation of Act! integration for Microsoft Office, Outlook and Google. This also marks the introduction of a new Act! edition with extended capabilities to manage more processes and entities using Act! custom tables...

Important Update to Act! Activation Tolerance Policy


Swiftpage has announced a change to its Act! Tolerance Policy.

Act! software contains enforcement technology which limits the ability to use the application on multiple computers, or reinstall the software, more than two times per user licence. This enforcement is called the Activation Tolerance.

In instances where the software has been installed multiple times per user, often due to hardware or personnel changes, and the Act! licence key cannot be activated for a new installation it will be necessary to request Swiftpage to increase the activation tolerance. 

With immediate effect, Swiftpage has announced that a charge will now be applied to increase the tolerance on a serial number if no active Act! Premium subscription is held...READ MORE

New Embedded Act! Emarketing Workflow for Act! v20


Act! v20 introduces tighter integration with Act! emarketing. 

The latest version features a brand new Act! emarketing workflow fully embedded within the Act! user interface that improves the experience to create, send and track campaigns.

Once an active Act! emarketing account has been connected, click the Send An Email Campaign option in the Act! emarketing menu...READ MORE

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